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Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
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Peter J. Kragel, M.D.



Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


Phone:  252-744-2803

Fax:  252-744-3336




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Faculty Rank



Undergraduate Education

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, B.A., 1977


Medical School

Georgetown University, School of Medicine, Washington, DC, M.D., 1981



University of Maryland Hospital, College Park, MD, 1981-1985



American Board of Pathology, Clinical Pathology

American Board of Pathology, Anatomic Pathology


Clinical Interests

Surgical Pathology, Laboratory Administration


Research Interests

Urologic Pathology


Selected Publications

1.  Kragel P. Clinical and pathologic findings in placentas weighing more than 800 grams. Modern Pathology. 2006;19:178.


2.  Ding H, Lu JQ, Wooden WA, Kragel PJ, Hu XH. Refractive Indices of Human Skin Tissues at Eight Wavelengths and Estimated Dispersion Relations Between 300 and 1600 nm. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2006;51:1479-1489.


3.  Lee TK, Allison RR, O'Brien KF, Khazanie PG, Johnke RM, Brown R, Bloch RM, Tate ML, Dobbs LJ, Kragel PJ. Ginseng reduces the micronuclei yield in lymphocytes after irradiation. Mutation Research. 2004;557:75-84.


4.  Carter AB, Christie JD, Kragel PJ. Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis. ASCP Check Sample, Surgical Pathology II No. SPII 02-4, 2002;26(4).


5.  Kragel PJ. Villin Positivity in Endocervical Adenocarcinoma. Journal Surgical Pathology. 1998;3:29-32.


6.  Papasian CJ and Kragel PJ. The Microbiology Laboratory's Role in Life-Threatening Infections. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly. 1997;20(3):44-59.


7.  McArthur CP, Daniels PJ, Kragel PJ, Howard PF, Julian L. Sjögren's Syndrome Salivary Gland Immunopathology: Increased Laminin Expression Precedes Lymphocytic Infiltration. Journal of Autoimmunity. 1997;10:59-65.


8.  Fiorella RM, Lavin M, Dubey S, Kragel PJ. Malignant Thymoma in a Patient with HIV Positivity: A Case Report with a Review of the Differential Cytologic Diagnosis. Diagnostic Cytopathology. 1997;16:267-269.


9.  Fiorella RM, Kragel PJ, Shariff A, Dubey S. Fine Needle Aspiration of Well Differentiated Small-Cell Duct Carcinoma of the Breast. Diagnostic Cytopathology. 1997;16:226-229.


Selected Presentations

1.  Kragel PJ. Hot topics in medicine:  new breast carcinoma classification. Southern Medical Association's 100th Annual Scientific Assembly; November 2006; Charlotte, NC.


2.  Kragel PJ and Dixon M. Workshop, Strengthening leadership skills. What works? Association of Pathology Chairs Annual Meeting; July 2006; Colorado Springs, CO.


3.  Simmons SS, Kragel PJ, Jones GL, Mallette JQ. Fundamentals of Telehealth. The Second IASTED International Conference of Telehealth; July 2006; Banff, Canada.


4.  Kragel, PJ and Eakin R. Lessons in Leadership.  Southern Medical Association Annual Meeting; November 2005, San Antonio, TX.


5.  Kragel, PJ. Workshop, Fostering Interdisciplinary Training - A New Model.  Association of Pathology Chairs Annual Meeting; July 2005; Mont Tremblant, Canada.     


Kragel PJ. Pulmonary and Pleural Pathology Pearls, Southern Medical Association's 98th Annual Scientific Assembly; November 2004; New Orleans, LA.


7.  Kragel PJ. Irons TG, Mansfield CJ, Lewis MJ. The impact of a regional medical school on health status in eastern North Carolina. 26th Annual Minority Health Conference; Feb 2004; Chapel Hill, NC.


8.  Kragel PJ. Medical student applicant trends: significance for pathology. Southeast Association of Pathology Chairs Annual Meeting; Jan 2003; Key Biscayne, FL.


9.  Khazanie PG, Lee TK, Allison RR, O'Brein KF, Kragel PJ. Ginseng reduced the micronuclei yield in lymphocytes after irradiation. 49th Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society & 20th Annual Meeting of the North American Hyperthermia Society; April 2002.


10.  Bensadoun E, Bernick JJ, Carlton FB, Figueroa TE, Kragel PJ, Rahimi AR, Rothschild PG, Talano JV, Wilson M. Hot topics in Medicine: What's New in 2002. 96th Annual Scientific Assembly of the Southern Medical Association; Nov 2002; Washington DC.


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